Learning Objectives

Learning objectives for level one retreats

  • Give you a deep understanding of psychedelic therapy and healing, including preparation and integration. 
  • Learn innovative protocols for treating clients
  • Best practices of psychedelic therapy
  • Learn to hold a powerful and safe container for individuals, teams and groups to learn and heal within through the retreat and beyond. 
  • Witness an experiential treatment demo
  • Gain an understanding of psychedelic substances, trauma, emotions, somatic bodywork, ethics, consent, and boundaries
  • Cover the basics of sitting so you can sit with confidence and competence
  • You will learn how to offer transformative experiences through personal experience with medicine.
  • Help you grow and uncover new facets of yourself through rich experiences in groups and transformative experiences. 
  • You will leave clear about professional conduct expected of a psychedelic therapist
  • Learn through experience to work with a co-therapist
  • Learn to ground, self-regulate, and tend to self as the instrument before, during and after treating a clientthe