Heal the Healer

Full immersion psychedelic psychotherapy in a group setting

There is no human deed or thought that lies fully outside the experience of other people
Irvin D. Yalom

June 3 – 7, 2022  –   Xenia Centre, Bowen Island, British Columbia

Open to graduates of Chiron or Phoenix Academy level one training. Experienced practitioners from other realms may also be considered after a qualifying  interview. Contact to register. We require a 50% deposit to hold your space ($1487.50)

We will start preparing the container for the retreat mid April. If you don’t want to miss out on this experience, please register as early as possible.

$2,975 including lodging and food and GST

Co-lead by Bradley Foster, Liz Rezanson, and  Linda Nicholls 

It is our intention to create a container of practitioners experienced with psychedelic group healing/therapy as a catalyst for self-liberation.  This is an introduction to group work with psychedelics and an introduction to leading groups.  We demonstrate how psychedelics enormously enhances our awareness of unconscious behaviour, limiting relational patterns, attachment wounds, reflexive patterns, trauma routines, old programming, schemas, and somatic and emotional wounds. 

Part exploration of self, part group dynamics and how we fit into patterns in groups. We are here to do deep work so we can clear ourselves of unconscious motivations and unfinished business. We will demonstrate how we create a safe container to establish a group that facilitates illumination of  relational and social patterns for growth. Substances will be stacked in combination to bring the group to different stages during the full psychedelic relational experience.

You are simultaneously the client and the therapist. Come with a beginner’s mind, leave with the mindset of a leader. You will learn how to work with groups using a protocol designed for deep therapeutic work and healing. 

The four days are an immersion into experiential teaching and learning the many dimensions of enhancing the power of group process with the skillful use of psychedelics.  The range of topics explored will include breath work, bodywork, team building, creating and holding ceremony, boundaries, responsible communication and feedback, experiential exercises, working with individuals within the group environment, corrective experiences, being witnessed.  Preparation for laying the foundation of the group container will be addressed prior to the retreat by communicating through  Signal and with Zoom calls.

The Xenia Centre is a perfect setting for Midwifing the Soul. Xenia over the years has become a creative crucible; a place where ideas hang out ready to be viewed and used. Xenia Centre is a gift to humanity, evoking service, she offers back peace, presence and a direct experience of one’s true nature.  Through so much love and attention being poured into her, Xenia has impacted the lives of thousands from around the world.  This is truly a sacred place, a place that brings us home.  

Healing Doesn’t Have to be Painful