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Meet the faculty for our psychedelic therapy training program.

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Bradley Foster

Bradley Foster MA

Bradley Foster has a background in history and education and worked as a psychotherapist and a coach for 15 years with a practice focused on leadership, and creativity. He trained at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto and has a BA from McGill and a Masters degree from the University of Toronto. He is the founder of the Toronto Psychedelic Society and organized conferences, webinars, and meetings for the psychedelic community. He has personally overseen the treatment of several hundred clients and trained many excellent therapists.

With his then partner Melania Lumezanu, they co-created many effective treatment protocols. Mela and Bradley trained therapists in their clinic in Toronto and created the Chiron Academy in 2020 to bring this work to others. Mela and Bradley parted ways professionally in 2021. The result for Bradley was Phoenix, which embodies and exemplifies Bradley’s philosophy of training and collaboration with others. For those of you interested in Mela’s offerings, please see CHIRON ACADEMY for her offerings.

Bradley believes psychedelic therapy can heal our deepest wounds when done with gentleness, safety, awareness, and intention. His grounded spirituality, rooted in the here and now, holds space for what ever appears during treatment. His goal is to share his knowledge and learning with others so we can all develop our own style and practice. He also encourages a healthy exchange of information and has created channels and networks of Chiron and Phoenix graduates to support and connect them.

Bradley is committed to diversity; with the support of the NIKEAN Foundation that offers scholarships to therapists in underserved communities, he is bringing healing to all communities. He stresses integration as the most important part of treatment to continue the healing process.

Jillian Walsh

Jillian Walsh BSW, MSW

Jillian is a passionate healer who believes in the mind-body connection. She has an extensive background in nursing having worked as a registered nurse specializing in geriatric palliative care for several years before entering into the social worker field. Jillian completed her BSW and MSW while working with high-risk indigenous populations for nearly a decade as a child protection social worker.

She came into psychedelics after her own personal healing work with psychedelics when diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite grim prognosis from medical doctors she overcame all odds and firmly believes in the power of inner healing. Jillian is now devoted to assisting and teaching others how to access their inner healing capabilities.

Jillian has a certificate in Psychedelics Assisted Psychotherapy with ATMA and from Bradley’s training in both level 1- Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy and level 2- Working in a Group with Psychedelics

Last but not least, Jillian acquired her practitioner’s certificate in trauma sensitive focused heart coherence breathing through the Heart Math Institute, as she believes breath is an essential tool to life and has an important role in all modalities with therapy work.

Jillian is committed and honored to work alongside Bradley and team to provide participants with all they require to do the work in a safe, informed and ethical manner.

Adrian Oberg

Adrian Oberg

Adrian Oberg is a community consultant and counselor. He helped to found the Victoria Association for Psychedelic Studies in 2014 and has acted as Director since 2015. Through harm reduction work in the city core and at arts and music festivals, as well as in-depth personal experience, he developed a familiarity with altered states that led to a practice holding space with medicine in 2016. He completed the Phoenix Institute training in 2020 and trained in Psilocybin Therapy with TheraPsil in 2021.
Adrian holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria and is currently completing an MA degree in Child and Youth Care.