Phoenix Academy

Stories of Healing from the Therapist’s Side of the Couch: 

Phoenix Rising Training Academy Press

Editors: Michelle Brewer and Bradley Foster

We are looking for your astounding stories of healing from the therapist’s side of the couch for a volume to be published and distributed in monograph form, e-book format, and possibly as an audio book.

Stories of psychedelic healing are abundant and inspiring. Once in a while we as psychedelic therapists witness healing that is nothing short of a miracle. What will be different about this volume is we are collecting stories of healing from the therapist’s point of view.

Before you write it, please send us a 250 word abstract of your story for review. Include presenting issues, what you and your co-sitter did to prepare the client, the session itself in some detail, integration and resolution of presenting issues, if any. Although it’s from a therapist’s point of view, we encourage using your client’s voice and words as much as possible. 

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Know that the Phoenix is the soul of the Iliaster (that is, the first chaos of the matter of all things). It is also the Iliastic soul in man. ~ Liber Azoth, S. V., Practica Lineae Vitae. 

Beautiful, glorious and sacrificing self for renewal, you build a pyre and set yourself ablaze. For the sake of self. Red bird of fire you come forth through your ashes a new bird shedding the old self which no longer is needful. You embrace your new strength and fly to the heights of the sky to the city of the sun and give the ashes unto the altar of the sun god for your immortality. Embrace yourself for you are a child of the sun and will live eternal through birth, death, and renewal! The Spirit never dies!  

Poem – The Phoenix – by Rebecca Wiles