Phoenix Academy offers educational and therapeutic training to a wide variety of mental health practitioners and lay people. Phoenix is a co-creation of our faculty The academy is led by Bradley Foster who started Chiron Academy with Melania Lumezanu in 2020. After going separate ways in August, 2021, Bradley created Phoenix Academy to realize his goal of training psychedelic therapists in the safest and most effective way possible. Melania continues on with Chiron Academy which is now a separate entity from Phoenix Academy.

These are the values that Phoenix asks their students to practice:

  • Do no harm
  • Know yourself/Do your own work
  • Know your client
  • The safety of your client is your first priority
  • Only treat people within your expertise
  • Meet the client where they are
  • It’s your client’s experience, not yours
  • Work with the highest intentions
  • Stay humble
  • Stay present
  • Stay balanced and open
  • Always try substances and combinations on yourself first
  • Always test your substances
  • Treat the disadvantaged in any way you can
  • Learn from others — teach others
  • Your client is your best teacher

If you agree to pursue these values while doing “the work” then you are a good candidate for Phoenix’s training, retreats, workshops and ceremonies.

Please check our retreats, workshop, and webinar pages to see our current offerings. For more information, please email Lorraine@phoenixacademy.ca

You can find our disclaimer and privacy policies on this page.

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Nikean Foundation:

We are grateful to have the generous support of the Nikean Foundation, a non-profit psychedelic research foundation that supports studies, training, and education. Its goal is to promote health equity and to increase access to mental health care. Phoenix is committed to promoting diversity so all communities can heal, not just those who can afford. Nikean supports Phoenix scholarships for BIPOC/Indigenous/or serve as healthcare professionals in marginalized communities. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please download the application.

About the Founder of Phoenix Academy:

Bradley Foster has a background in education and was a psychotherapist and a coach for 15 years with a practice focused on leadership, and creativity. He trained at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto and has a BA from McGill and a Masters degree from the University of Toronto. He is the founder of the Toronto Psychedelic Society and organized conferences, webinars, and meetings for the psychedelic community. He has personally overseen the treatment of several hundred clients and trained many excellent therapists.

With his then partner Melania Lumezanu, they co-created many effective treatment protocols. Mela and Bradley trained therapists in their clinic in Toronto and created the Chiron Academy in 2020 to bring this work to others. Mela and Bradley parted ways professionally in 2021. The result for Bradley was Phoenix, which embodies and exemplifies Bradley’s philosophy of training and collaboration with others. For those of you interested in Mela’s offerings, please see Chiron Academy for her offerings.

Bradley believes psychedelic therapy can heal our deepest wounds when done with gentleness, safety, awareness, and intention. His grounded spirituality, rooted in the here and now, holds space for what ever appears during treatment. His goal is to share his knowledge and learning with others so we can all develop our own style and practice. He also encourages a healthy exchange of information and has created channels and networks of Chiron and Phoenix graduates to support and connect them. Phoenix is a co-creation of our faculty and is proud to work along side such passionate and talented teachers.

Bradley is committed to diversity; with the support of the Nikean Foundation that offers scholarships to therapists in underserved communities, he is bringing healing to all communities. He stresses integration as the most important part of treatment to continue the healing process.