Training Retreats

The Sentinel – Kaslo British Columbia

Here is our list of healing retreats for 2022. As we finalize the dates we publish them here and they are announced in our newsletter. Please subscribe to get updates from Phoenix.

January 17 – 24, 2022
Mission, BC private location

March 5 – 12 2022 Dragon’s Lodge
Gabriola Island from $4,895 – $5,195 depending on accommodation

May 3 – 10, 2022 The Sentinel
Kaslo, BC $5,027 (Retreat full — now taking waiting list)

Heal the Healer
June 3 – 7, 2022 Xenia Centre
Bowen Island, BC $2,975 plus GST
(see description in Workshop tab. For alumni and guests)

July 10 – 17, 2022 Lotus Heart Centre
Brighton, Ontario $4,895

August 23 – 30 2022 The Sentinel
Kaslo, BC $5,270 (Retreat full — now taking waiting list)

October 25 – November 1 22 The Sentinel
Kaslo BC $5,027

November 2 – 9 2022 The Sentinel
Kaslo, BC $5,027

All prices are subject to slight adjustments and are in Canadian dollars. Prices include lodging and delicious, healthy meals and snacks. Rooms vary in quality and price by retreat. Some are single ensuite rooms, others are shared accommodation.

Bodywork is very important in this work. Bodyworkers will be on-site during the week at an extra cost.

To attend a retreat, please review our registration instructions.

Each retreat is supervised by Bradley Foster and faculty. Retreats are intended for those interested in learning how to conduct successful transformational psychedelic therapeutic treatments by experiencing their own. Participants are taken through our process — from preparation, intake, treatment, integration, follow-up and aftercare as a client would be. The online course preps you with knowledge of ethics, substances, working with co-therapists, client preparation. When you are at our learning experience retreat, you learn by doing . To learn more about what our retreats prepare you for, consult our learning objectives document.

We seek mature practitioners who have had their own experiences and feel called to help heal others. If you feel the “pull” of this work and feel called to it, you might make a good candidate for this training.

We encourage you to bring all of yourself to this work. Bring your wisdom, your experience, strengths, and your trauma. By healing yourself, you can learn to help others. We are all wounded healers.

Be aware that the unfolding of events at the retreat can produce very strong emotional reactions in participants, including trauma responses. We are looking for people who work well in a group/team setting and are able to remain regulated in spite of feeling triggered. Strong emotions can also reveal themselves as attractions to others in the cohort. We have nothing against falling in love but we prefer that you stay focused on the work. If the attraction is still there after the retreat, by all means you may act on it but we ask that during the retreat each of us will be focused on doing our work.

The eight day retreat is structured into 3 days of teaching, 3 days of sitting, a day of bodywork, breath work and exploration. Each day includes ceremonies and integration sessions throughout. You will have at least 2 medicine sessions and 3 opportunities to hold space for your team mates.

We teach and model best practices, how to work with clients, intentions, spirituality, emotions, somatic techniques, trauma, medicine, and your co-therapists. We show you how you can help awaken and transform your clients by transforming you. We take you step by step through our preparation process and unique protocols.

Our retreats have been likened to a crucible. They are intense and they can be emotionally challenging. A safe container is put together long before the retreat starts. A month before the retreat begins, we create a Signal cohort group and hold Zoom calls to create group cohesiveness before the retreat. We hold space for you to do the work you need to do. Out of the emotional fires we shed our old skins and being new again. Everything is welcome! As the fires continue to burn after our retreats, we encourage you to have plenty of time off afterwards to process and integrate. Shedding old skin can be draining so be gentle with yourself.

Our experiential retreat trains you in the arts of psychedelic therapy as developed by Bradley Foster and Mela Lumezanu (Chiron Academy).  Their protocol which combines clinical knowledge, deep emotional processing, somatic release and spirituality has been refined over several hundred treatments and observations and brought to you in a retreat environment.

The retreat includes our well-regarded online course, which we expect you to complete before the retreat. At the retreat, you receive hands-on experience of treatments, holding space, being witnessed, somatic and therapeutic interventions, integration, corrective experiences, a spiritual understanding of the work, intention setting, and a variety of therapeutic modalities. Groups and teams get deeply bonded during the experience.

If you have questions, please contact for more advice and help with registration.

Attending Bradley’s psychedelic retreat was by far one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had. His passion for this work really shines through in his compassionate nature and his deep understanding of healing trauma. His retreats  are held in a safe container as we learn to go deeper into ourselves as well as learning the skills needed to become psychedelic guides. The ongoing support from the community has been one of the most important aspects to working him, because this area of work is ever evolving and expanding – for our own personal evolution as well as working with our own clients. Odette Laurie


Once you have selected a retreat you would like to attend, follow the steps on our Registration Page to begin the registration process.

You will be asked to complete this questionnaire and send a $700 non-refundable deposit which reserves your space in a retreat of your choice, covers an in-depth intake session, and gives you access to our 100+ hour online self study course for one year. Completion of the course is a pre-requisite for attending a retreat. When we approve your questionnaire, we will contact you to initiate the registration process.

You learn how to work with a client and co-therapist from initial contact to post-treatment integration. We teach best practices and will know what to avoid by learning from mistakes we have made. You learn how to work with substances with knowledge as a sacred duty. We show you how to use highly effective stacks of medicine based on your client’s intention and their profile. After the retreat, we support you in establishing your own practice through mentoring programs, and by joining our alumni group on Telegram where you can find lots of support and resources.

To understand the importance of establishing intentions, you are encouraged to set your own for your work at the retreat. You will come to understand the power of intention.

We demonstrate effective interventions, including somatic, emotional and therapeutic, and how to incorporate a spiritual approach into your work. You will understand this work inside and out, as a client and a sitter. Individual and group integration practices will also be demonstrated. Each participant will be evaluated and given a certificate of completion at the graduation ceremony. Receipts for retreats will be available after completion.

Before you register, please see our cancellation policy.

When you register, install the Signal messaging app on your phone. We create a cohort group a month before the retreat to begin to build the container for the retreat. We schedule Zoom calls with the cohort to build trust and rapport prior to the start of the retreat.

After the retreat you become part of our alumni community which is an expanding hub of knowledgeable and experienced therapists and lay sitters who work with medicine with therapeutic intention. Our community forums are valuable for practitioners looking for support, mentoring, supervision, peer support, integration, and trusted information. We plan to expand our course offerings, to create innovative, experiential workshops like Heal the Healer, and internship opportunities.


Once in a while we send a newsletter out. If you’d like to keep in touch, please add your contact information. We do not share your information with anyone without your consent.