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Phoenix dwells in the realms of emotional, somatic, cognitive and spiritual healing. I intentionally use music to guide clients through their journeys with playlists I put together. So many clients and students have commented on how each song becomes a theme for the spiritual or emotional piece of work they are doing. Others have expressed how a particular piece of music brought them so much healing and joy. Music is called the hidden therapist, by Mendel Kaelin. I created a series of playlists that creates a synergy of healing available to anyone undergoing a journey. The right kind of music supports transcendence, the divine, beauty, and love in your journeys.

Healing doesn’t have to be painful, nor does the music have to be.

We ask our retreat participants to research playlists and create their own for their treatment, prior to coming to the retreat. If you use a service like Spotify, it is very easy to create your own or adapt one already made. Use the Magical Healing series as a guide to creating your own playlists, and if you love some of the songs, feel free to borrow them. Download them on your device before coming to the retreat.

Magical Healing Playlists

These playlists are available on Spotify.

My Spotify name is PhoenixBradley. Please share your music with me!

Welcome to the series of 8 Magical Healing playlists: an eclectic mix of unique instrumental music designed to provide the emotional carpets, drapery and brocade for deep and intense journeys. The songs set the pace and the universe aligns. Music guides the journey and takes you through your emotional landscape and into celestial experiences.

Please listen to them and if you are doing the work, I invite you to use them in your treatments to see the results for yourself.

This is my first playlist designed for my clients. It has guided thousands of people through their inner realms and into other dimensions. Some of my favourite songs are on this list. Come on a journey through space and time.

#2 is a probing, dreamy, mystical, and expansive playlist. It’s upbeat, revelatory, emotionally penetrating and meditative on infinite possibilities. Great for mystical journeys, especially psilocybin.

#3 is more quixotic, with ancestral tapestries. Explores spacial dimensions inside and out of our cerebral container in meditative finery. Strong emotional content. Ideal for an MDMA journey.

Seeking a deeper, slower opening, guiding you into the arms of yourself and the universe. Explore deeper realms of your emotions and the higher reaches of the mystical. Perfect for inner exploration.

#5 is playful, yet peaceful. Uplifting and calm. An etherial mix of expansive dimensions through a thoughtful, enquiring prism. Explore joy in music form.

#6 is a gentle galaxy of otherworldly, extra-dimensional soundscapes rooted and connected to soul. Fine curtains and drapery for any journey.

The penultimate magical healing playlist. #7 is a galaxy of reflective and expansive songs for your journey. Ethereal and light but as grounded as a shaman in the jungle. Magical Healing #7 is a soundtrack for exploring your psyche. Ride the waves and coast on through to the other side.

Magical Healing #8 is the last in the Magical Healing series. Beautiful ambient music shades into more vigorous, rhythmic tunes.

And with this playlist, I close my series of Magical Healing playlists at 8. This playlist is a collection of my favourite music from the entire Magical Healing series.

Music for Ceremonies

Many practitioners do not use music during their ceremonies but I do. We use this in our 5 ceremonies during the training retreats. It transports one on 5 into unexplored dimensions. If 5 is like an emotional massage, then this playlist gives a complementary emotional massage for the ears and mind.

Love, connection and community. This is the music we play during our ceremonies in the training retreats. It isn’t so much a playlist as a collection of music used in a ceremonial context. We typically play one or two songs per ceremony.

This is our collection of music for the ancestor ceremony. Listen and hear the echo of your ancestors. We typically play one or two songs per ceremony, so it’s not designed to be used as a playlist as such.

A collection of my favourite devotional music for ceremonies and journeys. Mela turned me on to much of this music and I dedicate this playlist to her and all that she has given me and others.