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Phoenix Academy’s Psychedelic Therapy course has taught hundreds of practitioners the safest and best way to provide psychedelic therapy. Our innovative teaching cannot be found anywhere else.

Join our community by taking this course and learning from the pros.

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About the Course

Phoenix Academy teaches best practices and the safest way to work with medicine. This comprehensive 100 + hour course includes videos and interactive content designed to give you a deep understanding of how psychedelic therapy works from the inside out.

Included are dozens of resources and documents necessary to work with clients. Quizzes at the end of each module test your knowledge of what you’ve learned.

You learn how to work with substances with knowledge and as a sacred practice. We show how to use highly effective stacks of medicine based on your client’s intention and their profile. Learn how to work with and combine doses of MDMA, Psilocybin, 3-MMC, Ketamine, LSD, Cannabis, 5-MEO-DMT, 4-ACO-DMT, and 2-CB. Our stacking and dosing protocols make combining medicine safe, simple and effective.

Phoenix Academy delivers the highest quality innovative training for psychedelic therapists online and at training retreats. We have developed rigorous protocols that lead to deep healing in clients. Our protocols, developed over the past five years, have been tested on hundreds of clients and students at our retreats. The more you prepare a client for a journey and focus on their intention, the more trust you build, and the deeper they will go.

Learn how to work with co-therapists and clients from initial contact to post-treatment integration with this highly respected online course.

You will have access to Psychedelic Therapy Level 1 for one year from the date purchased.

This is the first time Psychedelic Therapy Level 1 online course is being offered to the public. We have reduced the price for this special offering and as a bonus, you are invited to join our community on When you finish Psychedelic Therapy Level 1, you will be our guest on Wounded Healer for 3 months


After the course you will become part of our alumni community on, which is an expanding hub of knowledgeable and experienced psychedelic therapists, mental health professionals and lay sitters who use medicine with therapeutic intent. Our community forums are valuable for practitioners looking for advice, mentoring, supervision, peer support, integration, resources and trusted guidance. Don’t know the answer to a question? Have a dilemma with a client? Our experts are there to help and offer guidance.
We also build community. You will find out who is practising near you so you can get hands on help if you need it and join hundreds of other psychedelic therapists who have been trained by Chiron and Phoenix Academies.

We offer regular Zoom sessions with experienced practitioners so you can learn from new techniques and get tips on how to deal with issues that come up in the treatment room. membership is available to experienced practitioners for $99/year or $12/month. 

Learning Objectives

Taking this online course will cover these learning objectives.

  • Have a deep understanding of psychedelic therapy and healing, including preparation and integration. 
  • Learn best practices of psychedelic therapy
  • Learn to hold a powerful and safe container for individuals, teams and groups
  • Learn how to stack psychedelic compounds for safe and effective healing
  • Learn how to work with trauma, emotions, somatics, ethics, consent, and boundaries
  • Learn the basics of sitting so you can sit with confidence and competence
  • Learn how to offer transformative experiences
  • Learn how to conduct yourself professionally and with safety
  • Learn how to find and work with a co-therapist
  • Learn to ground, self-regulate yourself before, during and after treating clients.
  • Learn how to prepare a client for their healing journey
  • Learn how to work with intention
  • Learn how to set up your practice
  • Learn integration skills to help your client get the most out of their experience

After the course, join our alumni at Wounded Healer for peer support and resources

Course Bonuses

3 months free on ($36. Value)
A network of hundreds of experienced practitioners who can help give you the guidance you need when you are unsure.

Zoom Calls
Join our monthly zoom calls to connect with other practitioners and learn from experienced therapists through

We provide most of the documents or samples of documents you will need to start your practice. These include questionnaires, intake forms, client information forms, stacking and substances charts, and an integration document to help guide your client’s integration.

Training Retreats 
The price you pay for the course will be deducted from the cost of our 8 day training retreat. See our retreat page for dates of upcoming training. Psychedelic Therapy is a prerequisite for the retreat.

Get access to dozens of specially curated playlists including the Magical Healing series and playlists we use at our training retreats.

Phoenix Academy hosts webinars on topics such as serving 5-MEO-DMT, Guerilla pharmacy skills, boundaries in the psychedelic space, basic pharmacology, and more. Past webinars are available to watch on

Phoenix Academy has created dozens of innovative recipes using psychedelics. Get access to these helpful formulas in the course. Learn how to make cannabutter that can be made into delicious cannabis cookies, ketamine nasal spray, tasty teas to use with psilocybin mushrooms, and how to make DMT and 5-MEO-DMT vape pens.

We give you all the documents you need to start your own practice and many, many other charts and guides to doing the work. Books, papers, and video courses on psychedelic therapy are available in the course and on

Start your own practice
We provide guidance in starting out as a psychedelic therapist. Don’t know what to charge or how to get started? We provide advice and many of the documents you need to get your practice started.

We provide guidance on microdosing LSD and Mushrooms before and after a journey.

Have no idea how psychedelics work? Our primer on pharmacology will teach you the basics of receptors and which pharmaceuticals interact with psychedelics.

Graded Quizzes
There are quizzes at the end of each module to test your knowledge. Passing the quizzes is essential to graduating and becoming a member of

Course Contents

Module 1 Getting Ready
Unit 1 Clinical: Preparation of Self
Unit 2 Clinical: Self care
Unit 3 Intention setting
Unit 4 Trauma awareness
Unit 5 Trust
Unit 6 Harm Reduction
Module 2 Pre-treatment
Unit 1 The Consultation
Unit 2 Pre treatment Questionnaire
Unit 3 Intake
Unit 4 Set and Setting  - Preview
Unit 5 Pre-Treatment Call
Module 3 Working with Others
Unit 1 Ethics
Unit 2 Co-therapists
Unit 3 Transference
Unit 4 Finding Others
Unit 5 Boundaries
Module 4 Working with Substances
Unit 1 Pharmacology and Combining Substances
Unit 2 Substances
Unit 3 Dosing
Unit 4 Testing
Unit 5 Making your own caps
Unit 6 Stacking
Unit 7 Supplements
Module 5 The Treatment Session
Unit 1 Mis en place
Unit 2 Ceremony
Unit 3 Intention setting
Unit 4 Holding Space & Witnessing
Unit 5 Treatment Modalities
Unit 6 Treatment Tips
Unit 7 Avoiding Rookie Mistakes
Unit 8 Inner Healing Intelligence
Unit 9 Closing the Ceremony
Module 6 Integration
Unit 1 Integration - Introduction
Unit 2 Integration - Techniques
Unit 3 After care
Module 7 The Treatment Room
Unit 1 Treatment Room Duties
Unit 2 Notetaking
Unit 3 Client Care
Unit 4 Business Plan
Unit 5 Microdosing
Module 8 Additional Reading
Unit 1 Historical Context
Unit 2 Further Reading
Unit 3 Glossary of Terms
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