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Stories of Healing from the Therapist’s Side of the Couch: 

Phoenix Rising Training Academy Press

Editors: Michelle Brewer and Bradley Foster

We are looking for your astounding stories of healing from the therapist’s side of the couch for a volume to be published and distributed in monograph form, e-book format, and possibly as an audio book.

Stories of psychedelic healing are abundant and inspiring. Once in a while we as psychedelic therapists witness healing that is nothing short of a miracle. What will be different about this volume is we are collecting stories of healing from the therapist’s point of view.

Before you write it, please send us a 250 word abstract of your story for review. Include presenting issues, what you and your co-sitter did to prepare the client, the session itself in some detail, integration and resolution of presenting issues, if any. Although it’s from a therapist’s point of view, we encourage using your client’s voice and words as much as possible. 

Tell us your best practitioner story of a healing journey from preparation through integration. 

Please submit a 250 word abstract 

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 August. 2022

Please submit abstracts to:

Please feel free to distribute this call to others who might be interested.

Abstract information:

  1. A brief outline of what you plan to cover in your story
  2. Why you think it is relevant to the book
  3. Word limit of 250 words
  4. Deadline: 15 August 2022
  5. Submit or send queries to

We intend this to be the first volume in a series on psychedelic-assisted therapy. If you have ideas for other volumes, share them with us.

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