We offer an extensive two-part program working with psychedelics and psychedelic integration. The first part is an online, 90 hour program comprising modules on all aspects of the psychedelic experience. The second part is an 8 day residential retreat. The online course is a pre-requisite for our retreats. It can also be taken on its own as a stand alone learning experience. As is a deep well of knowledge for those who wish to self study. The program includes all the essential documents, forms, and protocols needed to start a practice.

The cost of course is included in the 8 day retreat. Please send a $700. deposit to register. All prices are in Canadian dollars. The $700. deposit is non-refundable. Please see our cancellation policy.

Retreats are $2975 including GST for 8 days. Room and board are extra. The exact cost depends on the retreat.

To register for the course or for more information, please contact see our registration page or contact: Lorraine@phoenixacademy.ca

Learning Experience Leader

Bradley Foster has a background in education and was a psychotherapist for 15 years with a practice focused on leadership, and creativity. He trained at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto and has a BA from McGill and a Masters degree from the University of Toronto. He is the founder of the Toronto psychedelic society and organizes monthly meetings for the psychedelic therapy interest group. He has overseen the treatment of several hundred clients.

With Melania Lumezanu, we co-created many very effective treatment protocols. Mela and Bradley have been training therapists in their clinic in Toronto since 2018 and created the Chiron Academy in 2020 to bring this training to the world. They parted ways in 2021. Phoenix embodies Bradley’s philosophy of training. Together with our faculty, we bring clinical knowledge, deep emotional work, spiritual healing, and somatic therapy.

For those interested in Mela’s offerings, please see Chiron Academy for more information.

The contents of the on-line course includes:

Chapter 1

Getting Ready to Guide

Psychedelic therapy Tutorial

Preparation of self

Self care

Intention setting

Trauma awareness


Chapter 2

Preparation for treatment




Set and Setting

Chapter 3

Working with Others




Finding Others

Chapter 4

Working with Substances




Working with Intentions


Chapter 5



Treatment topics

Inner Healer


Chapter 6



After care

Chapter 7

Treatment Room


Equipping your treatment room

Audio Equipment



Chapter 8

Historical Context

Business Plan


Further Reading

Glossary of Terms